The Key Life 35th Anniversary Collection

The Key Life 35th Anniversary Collection

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2020 marks Key Life’s 35th anniversary. To say thank you for your continued support, we’ve assembled a special three-product collection. With FREE SHIPPING, it’s a $39 value for $35...

Talk the Walk: How To Be Right Without Being Insufferable
This attitude-altering book invites Christians to cultivate boldness and humility in communicating gospel truth. By uncovering self-righteousness and spiritual arrogance, Talk the Walk shatters stereotypes and helps believers consider how they present the good news without watering it down. Steve’s Latest Book

God, Are You There? Honest, Bible-based help and hope for anyone who wonders how difficult events in life are related to God's purposes. Biblical Comfort from Steve

The Boy Who Loved Music
Recognizing that stories can carry powerful messages, Steve has told this powerful modern parable to thousands of people. The response has been both emotional and overwhelming. This story of a boy who wants to play the piano reaches deep to encourage and challenge. Includes a CD and Minibook -- Supplies Limited