Hidden Agendas & The Seed Combo

Hidden Agendas & The Seed Combo

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Author: Steve Brown & Erik Guzman
paperback: 464 Pages

We’re all hiding, and we have good reason to. Just to survive, we wear masks to hide our failings, avoid rejection, and accomplish our personal goals, all the while lying to ourselves, others, and even God. We hide within labyrinths made up of walls we build to protect us from pain, but ultimately find ourselves isolated, lonely, and trapped in prisons of our own creation.

Only our heavenly Father’s unconditional love can set us free and invite us to drop the masks that are keeping us apart from him and the rest of his children.

Explore and experience these realities in two new books from Key Life. Steve Brown’s Hidden Agendas: Dropping the Masks that Keep Us Apart teaches you how to come out of hiding and live in the freedom of God’s light and love. And Erik Guzman’s The Seed: A True Myth illustrates that same message with vivid parabolic storytelling.


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