Love & War

Love & War

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Author: John Eldredge, Stashi Eldredge
hardcover: 226 Pages

You're already familiar with the Eldredges-authors of Wild at Heart for men and Captivating for women. Here they tackle the intimate subject of their own marriage with insights for your such an open, honest and candid way, it's surprising. And nothing is off limits. (As Steve puts it in his interview with them, "I wouldn't have said that!") Marriage is fabulously hard. Anyone who tells you any different is lying, and there are plenty of phonies out there. The Eldredges tear down the impossible standard many Christians are presented with. Then they break through the shame and hopeless silence that bogus standard creates and point the way to healing. Marriage: It can be done and it's worth it. Marriage really can be a great adventure from God...if you're open to it.


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