A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

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Author: Donald Miller
Paperback: 290 pages

We loved this book...It's a meaningful, funny, memorable, life-changing book. (Our consensus is that it is Miller’s best yet.) In fact, it has become a common question of ourselves and others in evaluating any plan or decision, "Is that a good story?"

Years after writing Blue Like Jazz, Miller fell into a funk and spent months sleeping in and avoiding his publisher. One story had ended, and he was unsure how to start another. When two movie producers approach him about making a movie based on Blue Like Jazz, they tell him his real life is "too boring" (can you imagine someone telling you that?!) and that they need to create a structured narrative out of his meanderings. Intrigued by what he learns about the principles of story and realizing that they are the same principles that make a good life, Miller begins to make changes. He literally edits his life as if he were a character in a movie, opening up to new experiences, journeys, relationships, motivations and character development. Among other things, he seeks out and forgives his father, gets in shape to hike the Inca Trail in Peru, opens himself up to the possibility of love and marriage, rides his bike across the U.S. to raise money for Blood: Water Mission which builds wells in Africa, travels to Uganda, and founds the nonprofit Mentoring Project. And he ends up a changed man.


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