Jesus For President

Jesus For President

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Author: Shane Claiborne, Chris Haw
paperback: 364 Pages

As Christians, we're called to be peculiar and different. What does it mean to live out the kingdom of God in a radical and revolutionary way? What does it mean to live like Christ, surprising others with the Gospel of grace, love, acceptance, and sacrifice? As Christians, we're called to a different kind of campaign and to live under a different kind of commander-in-chief. We are to rethink our allegiance... and the implications of the way we live. Prepare to be challenged: this is a book - of text, art, photographs, graphics - that creatively broadens the definition of the word "political... and, in so doing, essentially turns politics on its ear. Chances are, you may not be willing (or even called) to live off the economic/political grid, sew your own clothes or reside in an intentional urban Christian community like these "new monastics," but you'll be really glad that Shane and Chris are there. They smell like Jesus.


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