Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

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Author: Anne Lamott
hardcover: 322 Pages

Two warnings: First, if you are a political conservative who cannot even stand to be around someone of the more liberal persuasion, this is not the book for you - it will only make you mad. Lamott makes no secret of her dislike of President Bush and disagreement with the Iraq war (and that's an understatement). Second, if the occasional use of bad language offends you and makes you uncomfortable, this is not the book for you - it will only make you, well, offended and uncomfortable. With that being said upfront, there is so much here of deep and profound - both spiritual and practical - value. Lamott is painfully honest about her struggles with life and faith as she turns fifty, as her mother dies (after Alzheimer's), as her son Sam becomes an adolescent and in the loss of friends and the passing of time. Here are the stories of life: shopping at the supermarket on her birthday and winning a free ham she doesn't want; skiing with a dying friend who teaches her how to fall; celebrating Thanksgiving with Sam and his dad; attending protest rallies; putting her dog to sleep; and taking her thighs ("the aunties") on a cruise. A humorous, skewed and faith-filled picture of a life in process... By Anne Lamott.


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