Rumors of Another World

Rumors of Another World

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Author: Philip Yancey
hardcover: 274 Pages

What on earth are we missing? Yancey writes, "I am where you ordinary person trying to figure things out. I'm a human being: I love, I weep, my friends die. I experience beauty. I live. And as I live I try to figure out if there is a God, and what difference would that make....This book comes out of my own search and is written specifically on behalf of those who live in the borderlands of belief-the region between belief and unbelief." Is the visible world around us all there is? What rumors of another world might it convey? If this is God's world, why doesn't it look more like it? Why is this planet so messed up? How do the two worlds-the visible and the invisible, natural and supernatural-interact, affecting our daily lives? Reminiscent of Mere Christianity, this is for anyone-Christian and non-Christian alike-who lives in the place between doubt and faith.


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