Scandalous Freedom

Type: Steve Brown
Price: $50.00


Speaker: Steve Brown
# of Discs: 11

They lied to you about being a Christian.

When you first "joined the club," they promised you'd be set free. But let's get honest, you're not free. In fact, you're religious, afraid, guilty, and bound. What's worse, now that you've been in the club awhile, you're stuck pretending you're better than you are. And worse than that, you prefer the security and rules of your self-imposed boundaries.

It's time for a change. You need Scandalous Freedom.

On the Scandalous Freedom CD Series, Steve Brown disabuses you of your confusion about freedom, grace and forgiveness. In his inimitable style, Steve describes how real Christianity calls us to live beyond the boundaries, bolstered by the assurance that we cannot fall beyond God's love. And real freedom...that's just plain scandalous.

These 27 messages, originally aired as a series of broadcasts hosted by Steve Brown, are the perfect companion to Steve's popular book, A Scandalous Freedom: The Radical Nature of the Gospel. Now you can hear Steve's teaching and commentary on the content of that book, complete with fresh illustrations and answers to common questions.

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