Approaching God

Type: Steve Brown
Price: $15.00


Author: Steve Brown
Paperback: 290 pages

Accepting the invitation to stand in the presence of God. Join Steve on a journey-a prayer journey that strips away all pretense, every formality, every staid tradition. Experience what it means to come before God with a childlike honesty and openness...and meet the Father who loves you no matter what. Answers to difficult questions: What does it mean when God says no? How can we know God's will? Does God ever change his mind because of prayer? How can we develop a deeper, more intimate walk with God? How can we best deal with doubts while praying? God's ear is attuned to you and he really wants to hear from you-in matters both large and small. Prayer is not about getting what you want from God, but getting to know the One who wants the very best for you. Revised and updated, including a study guide and personal prayer stories.

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