Follow the Wind

Type: Steve Brown
Price: $15.00


Author: Steve Brown
paperback: 192 Pages

You have been touched, taught, guided, comforted, empowered, affirmed, and loved by the Holy Spirit ... but you probably didnt know it was he.

With his wit, refreshing candor, and ability to make theology vivid and applicable, Steve Brown helps readers understand who the Holy Spirit is and how they can see him at work in their lives. Beginning with a refresher course on the Holy Spirit, the author reviews biblical, theological, and historical information every believer should know. He then addresses the specific actions and work of the Holy Spirit and examines the Spirits supernatural work in tongues, prophecy, and healing. Finally, he explores the amazing work of Gods spirit in a believers knowledge of truth, walk with Christ, and sanctification.

It is my hope that in the recognition of our Lord the Holy Spirits work, writes Brown, you will love God more and serve him better. Anyone who believes the Bible is Gods Word will benefit from the insights found in this book.

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