All is Grace

Type: Out of the Box
Price: $23.00


Author: Brennan Manning
Hardcover: 240 pages

On April 27, 1934, a little boy was born who grew up to become a vagabond evangelist in patchwork pants fiercely daring us to believe—God loves you as you are and not as you should be. His name is Brennan Manning. He has boldly preached of a love of Jesus vast, unmeasured, boundless and free. And he has faithfully pointed to a tender, elemental fury that blows where it wills; in a word, grace. But before the fame of his ragamuffin gospel, Brennan Manning was a son, brother, soldier, journalist, priest, husband, father and friend. This is that part of the story, a necessary piece of the larger puzzle of grace...the story of a man whose name has not always been Brennan.

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