Impacting Lives in an Alien Culture

Impacting Lives in an Alien Culture

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Speaker: Steve Brown
# of Discs: 4

Do you need encouragement? Do you want to be used? In 1 Peter, Peter is writing to new Christians living in an alien culture. We do too. We live in a culture of materialism, relativism and postmodernism...where God and absolute truth are seen as...well...beside the point. So how then shall we live? Sovereignty in an alien culture: If you're going to live in an alien culture, you better believe in a big God who does big things. Submission in an alien culture: In an alien culture, you can fight, fix, flee or flow. If God is above, in control and sovereign over all circumstances, submission can be a powerful gift. Suffering in an alien culture: Living in an alien culture makes suffering worse, so what do you do as a Christian? How can even our pain be a witness? Sanctification in an alien culture: How to be holy when you're really not. And what exactly is holiness anyway? (It's not what religious people have told you it is.) How to make an impact, changing you and them. A 4-message (4-CD) series.


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